Hi, my name is Garry Semetka and I’m an event photographer with a passion for street photography.

Based in Germany near Nuernberg (though I’m originally from Newcastle, Australia), I focus on dance events and promotions. However, my personal passion is street photography. My escape. Something I do for me.

I’ve always been interested in people and how they interact with each other and their environment. So being an observer of life, who also enjoys walking through cities, the trigger seemed to be when I started carrying my camera around with me. It was a logical progression.

I think coming from another country half way around the world and being based in Europe helps me with how I see life. I don’t see things as a tourist but also I don’t see things as a native person, it’s at a level between these. I see the culture and interactions with this perspective.

My preference is B&W for my photos. It allows focus on the key elements and minimizes distractions. It simplifies the image.

Drop me an email if you want through my contact page.